Motor Boat Pale Ale

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Passionfruit dominated aromas and flavours thanks to the large utilisation of
Australian Galaxy hops. High malt sweetness gives it a biscuity, caramel backbone whilst bringing
forward a sweet, ripe passionfruit flavour also. It finishes quite full, for a rounded sensory
4.8% ABV
35 IBUs


3 reviews for Motor Boat Pale Ale

  1. Wilson

    Love the motor boat, stoked to see it on tap at the Royal Hotel, PADDINGTON 5 ways 🍻

  2. Nick keen

    I had this Pale Ale at the f 220 Smokehouse and it’s got to be one of the best pale ales that I’ve ever had so rich in flavour so refreshing so enjoyable how’s the balance perfectly right for a pale ale

  3. Paul

    Tried the motor boat pale ale at Baker Street restaurant, it’s one of the best pale ales I have ever tried, really really nice.
    Look forward to having a few more in the near future

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