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Bay Rd Lager

This lager style Festbier is a clean, medium bodied beer with an excellent
cereal malt profile, which is accentuated in flavour by a German lager yeast strain. A crisp, mildly
dry finish lends itself to a high drinkability. The use of Hallertau Magnum hops gives it a gentle
bitterness and an earthy, floral and subtle citrus spice in hop flavour.
4.5% ABV
16 IBUs


Motor Boat Pale Ale

Passionfruit dominated aromas and flavours thanks to the large utilisation of
Australian Galaxy hops. High malt sweetness gives it a biscuity, caramel backbone whilst bringing
forward a sweet, ripe passionfruit flavour also. It finishes quite full, for a rounded sensory
4.8% ABV
35 IBUs


Super Cat IPA

This bold IPA boasts aromas of ripe tropical fruits such as mango and papaya. A
subtle bitterness to start is then passed on very quickly and met with a melody of punchy hop
flavours of melon, passionfruit, citrusy orange and a mellow piney, dankness. A large malt bill
including munich and crystal malts, allows a combination of gentle biscuity, cereal malt presence.
Large bodied and medium carbonation combine for a full mouthfeel and refreshing finish.
5.5% ABV
50 IBUs


Wave Runner XPA

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Huge citrusy, melon, candied orange aromas. . Medium to Full body with a balanced malt
sweetness that accentuates a citrus and passionfruit dominated hop flavour profile. Naturally hazy
in appearance thanks to a copious amount of El Dorado and Citra dry hop.
4.2% ABV
22 IBUs